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The Dance Dots is a choreographic and classroom management system designed for dance teachers, music teachers, and all instructors who work with children in a movement capacity.




Teaching Benefit

As you will find, multiple choreographic formations, shapes, and lines can be formed as students dance on various dots.  Your students will remember their formations and classroom procedures from class to class because they now have a color and a number that represent their special spots.  This is tremendously beneficial when transposing choreography from the learning environment to the stage, yet complementary for educational purposes, this allows for an easy transition to occur from one teaching location to another.  

Many times, dance classes must move from one studio or movement space to another in order to accommodate additional classes or activities.  Dance classes may be moved from the studio, stage, or gymnasium to ... anywhere.  Instead of losing valuable time and teaching opportunities, The Dance Dots provide a way for instructors to successfully transition their students from one location to another so that the class, rehearsal, and/or performance may continue. 


They can even be used as "props" for competition!

The Dance Dots also aid in classroom management. Once students discover the feeling of success grounded in memorization and retrieval practice, they will have more energy and brain capacity to remain focused in class. Students will want to stay on task in class because they will be able to more accurately recall the class procedures, formations, and dance choreography with The Dance Dots.


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